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1. To completely overreact about EVERYTHING
2. To have no self confidence whatsoever
3. To suck horribly at everything you do

Prematureejaculation, Premajerzination, womanly, not manly, castrated,
ex.1 " Chris, great job doing what you were told" Chris: "What is that suppose to mean you chicken shi* mother fucker*, I am going to kill you" -- somehow Chris felt the compliment was an insult, and he premajoerszinated.

ex.2 someone who says atleast 1 of the following on a daily basis: "I can't", "I suck", "Noone likes me", suffers from premajoerszination
ex.3 when somebody epically fails all the time, you would call him a "premajoerszinater"
by F6528817 April 25, 2011
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