A prem is a grotesque and smelly creature that is mixture of a rat and a pig. It is often spotted in mountains by travelers. It is known to be quite aggressive but can be tamed if given vegetables.
OMG! I could have sworn I'd seen a prem while I was shitting!

Look at that guy! Ugggh he is nearly as ugly as prem!
by randicouta November 16, 2012
A mayonnaise ass raped boy that looks like dumbo but with an x-large Kangol hat
Shit...here come the prem-a-jiggalo doing his right thurrrrr with his furrrrred up male homiez-YEAHHHH?????
by Amar C November 13, 2003
an annoying mayo boy who annoys his little burger sister and she sqishes him
mmmmmmm burger!
by u know who November 10, 2003
a scrambled ass-ma-hoe who fancies sum beeeeyatch named roshni
well fuuuuuuuuuuuuuk me, it's prem about 2 raaaaaaaaaaaape me
by Afro Chang, tha main Man November 20, 2003
Likes Mayonnaise
hey Mayo Boy!
by Shiv July 27, 2003

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