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Preet is a Hindu/Punjabi name meaning beloved. To describe someone that you cherish, someone that is special and close to your heart. It is to describe someone that is unlike anyone else you've met before... someone that holds a special place in your life and in your heart...
I can't stop thinking about Preet!!! He makes me go weak in the knees... he takes my breath away, every single time....
by Aries87 June 24, 2010
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someone girls dream about having a passionate relationship with but in reality they cant even come close! this person is Hottt with capital "H". Preet's tend to get along with everybody and share there love. Love and emotions are greatly involved in this persons life. preet is the guy you know you want and need but cant have! this person is extremely loyal to the person he loves
damn preet, you are FINE
by meteal April 17, 2006
The most amazing person of life. Preet's are ALWAYS funny, talkative, friendly, social, brilliant, smart, adorable, and everything else that is amazing in this world. People will always have an attraction to be close to a Preet though only a select few are chosen. A Preet is in a much higher criteria compared to a Ruqayyah.
Girl 1 : My gosh that Preet is incredible!

Girl 2 : I know! I wish I could be her friend.

Girl 1: You can! Because she's so friendly and great.

Girl 2 : This is awesome! I LOVE THAT PREET.
by dangerouslypurple November 14, 2010
pretty sweet
Callie, Rob, and Andrew went to this seemingly preet Italian place in Boston. Turns out it wasn't so preet after all, it was lame.
by Bertista December 28, 2008
Preet, A sound my cat made once. This quote my cat made has become more or less a word that means cool. When something is Preet it's either cool or neat. Also it's a random kick around word when you feel you need to say something random.
Me-"Holy crap! That should be a

2.Man that's so preet it's downright keen!
by Woogy January 04, 2005
-Pretty, Beautiful etc.
1: Your Pretty
2: Your Preets To Babe
by jackburntree December 10, 2011
Usually between the ages of 16-20, a Preet is a low-life, Jordan wearing, Polo rockin, weed dealer, twitter fiend who occasionally sells their Jordans for weed money, most likely drives a mid 90's Honda Civic and will never attend college.
Goddammit, those preets really think they have some sort of "swag" with that basic outfit they all wear that consists of sneakers, slim jeans and and Polo shirts.
by BryanCUM April 18, 2013

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