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An excuse given by many to explain an unintended pregnancy who don't want to admit that they forgot to pull out or take the pill.Everyone seems to know someone who supposedly had a precum baby,and it always seems to be someone they know remotely,i.e. a friend of a friend of their cousin's babysitter's sister.
Britney: "My sister's best friend's neighbor's cousin's wife's friend's half-sister had a precum baby."

Sarah: "You mean your sister's best friend's neighbor's cousin's wife's friend's half-sister's boyfriend didn't get it out in time."
by GrammarKnozzy March 27, 2013
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A baby who's success, intelligence, and achievements is limited because it originates from ejaculation that have not been fully developed yet.
"Joe couldn't graduate community college."

"BECAUSE he's a precum baby."
by Clyp May 27, 2015

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