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1. The act of going through a Drive-Thru and then parking in the parking lot of the same place and eating with yo' friends.
2. The act of Preating
Damn man! You wanna go to Mc Donalds and preat?
by ghs_preaters April 03, 2009
When you decide to get something delicious to eat before eating something else from someone or some other place. It's not an appetizer ... it's more a meal to carry you over until the next delicious meal.
Hey, Mike! Sharon invited us to dinner tonight, but her food doesn't taste good and I got sick last time we ate her house. We should get a preat at McDonald's before we head over her house for dinner, because I don't want be hungry after we leave.
by sailordragonball June 14, 2016
when one makes a threat and a promise in short threat+promise= preat
dude1: dothat agian ill kick your ass!
dude2: is that a threat or promise?
dude1: is. a. Preat
by MasterMind Grapes August 26, 2009
The union of the words promise and threat.
To show intimidation with out having to make a promise or a threat.
To be used in heated altercation as a deflation tactic.
The preat was made towards the bully, confusing him and instigating a fight.

Billy: "You better get outta here before something bad happens."
Frank: "Is that a promise or a threat?"
Billy: "It's a preat!"
Frank: "What?"
by bitterboxcar March 20, 2007
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