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1.) A woman that will grouse around-the-clock about her not being married or engaged to her purported significant other.

2.) A woman that complains about not being in egaged and talks about wedding arrangements non-stop.

3.) Kind of like a BrideZilla only worst becasue the nagging is usually directed toward the suspected suitor.
A: Wanna get married?
E: Ummm..... No

2 minutes later

A: How about now?
E: Yeah I'm gonna have to answer with "No" for a $100

5 minute later

A: I've started Picking out the colors and making the invite list for the guest to OUR wedding.
E: I could have sworn I said No....

A: I don't care what you have said. YOUR going to Marry me! ROAR!!!!!!

E: Oh no! Here comes Pre-affiance-Zilla crushing buildings and spiting fire.... "Save us Astroboy"
by OhioWeddingDogger April 22, 2009
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