When your video game console is the main focal point of attention in your living room.
"Dude I dont wanna go to that persons house everybody there will be just sitting in the living room worshipping the Praystation!"
by Ross Albrecht July 27, 2007
Top Definition
"I´m starting to loose my faith. Where´s the nearest PrayStation?"
by The Tardy Turdies April 21, 2006
a)A Japanese person pronouncing "playstation". When you hear this, you know this playstation is the real deal.

b)The Japanese playstation port
a)I have two praystations but I never pray them

b)Damn dude, all you play are Japanese games. Why don't you just buy a praystation?
by Doyouwantafriend April 26, 2008
A perfectly ordinary man and all-round nice guy whose mere presence is enough to incite bloody riots on every messageboard he joins. Famed for his inability to use the 'A' tag.
dude, you totally praystationed that link.
by Jason Kress May 27, 2004
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