a mix of admiral ackbar's "its a trap!" and a high/drunk slurring of cydron prax, a friends old star wars galaxies character, mocking him.

this conjunction can be used to describe situations or actions less than favorable or likable to you (a bad date,bad sex,bad beer,bad or lame anything)
man, i went on a blind date with that one chick, it was a prax...she had aspergers.....but i still got a little dragon brain

its a prax!, Chris Hansen is here
by Lord-Gore April 06, 2010
Top Definition
v. To make libertarian arguments from logical first principles and without reference to actual experience. Especially when arguing that outside experience can not disprove your argument *even in principle*.

Often used by anti-libertarians in a derisive manner.

Derived from "praxeology" as invented by libertarian philosopher Ludwig von Mises.
Your friend was really praxing out when he said that privately owned courts would be more just than democratically governed ones.
by HerperDerper January 25, 2015
The act of aiming your golf shot to the right, and actually hitting it to the right, only to find yourself wondering why the hell it went to the right.
Dude, why the hell did I just prax that ball!
by aaabbb September 19, 2006
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