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A hangover remedy that consists of:
a raw egg yolk
Tabasco Sauce

Made by Spike Spiegel on Cowboy Bebop, Session 7: Heavy Metal Queen.

On a side note: Cowboy Bebop is the best Anime ever. Anyone who disagrees can feel free to exercise their right to blow me.
Spike: It's a prairie Oyster. Good for hangovers.

VT: you're the second person I've ever seen who actually drinks one of those.

Spike: And the first?

VT: That would be my husband.
by Woolong December 26, 2003
A Prairie Oyster is a bull testicle battered and fried. A delicacy enjoyed by many, popularly served in bars and at rural festivals.

Compare with Rocky Mountain Oysters and bull fries.
McGurk serves Prairie Oysters in his bar every Saturday.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 26, 2005
A hangover/hiccup cure made with:

1 whole raw egg
1 dash Worcestershire sauce
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

The egg must be poured into the glass without breaking the yolk. Some recipies add other spices, and occasionally brandy, though drinking alcohol to cure a hangover is stupid.

Also a somewhat less common name for rocky mountain oysters
I drank a prarie oyster,and that got rid of my hangover, at least for a while...
by Chambord April 02, 2006
a raw egg mixed with a shot of worcestershire sauce, ketchup, vinegar and pepper used to cure hangovers.

the first time i ever heard of the term was in the 1972 film "cabaret"...which is waaaayyy better than any stupid fkin anime.
a prarie oyster will cure even the most sinister hangovers.
by Daisy McJuniper April 15, 2005
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