Ever held a dump in so long that you can feel it trying to come out of your ass, so you suck it back in using intense strength from your sphincter, only for it to poke it's head out again? Yeah. That.
"Dude, I was walking around Blockbuster last night and had to take a dump SO bad! They didn't have a bathroom so I was prairie-doggin' while I frantically searched for Hannibal!"
by theresapenusbetweenus April 14, 2010
ˈpre(ə)rē dôgin
verb -1- Holding in waste matter discharged from the bowels but a little brown turtle head kisses your undies.
Cath needed to shit so bad she was Prairie Doggin'.
When you bustin for a login & your ridin the brown toboggan.
Kissin' the Cloth.
by Andy Hobo February 01, 2009
when your poopie is poopieing but youre not ready to poopie the poopie yet.
omfg Lisa Marie is PRAIRIE DOGGIN'!!!!!!!! IN MY KITCHEN?! NOT IN HELL
by Eura Phagg November 11, 2006
When a male pulls an uptuck manuever to relieve a hard on and the head of his dick is above his waistline or underwear.
1.) Man, I've been prairie doggin for the last ten minutes.
by rumpleforeskin12 November 09, 2011
When you're in the stands at the ball game and everyone stands up and turns their heads around to watch the fight in the next section.
The play was just about the start on the field, but everyone was Prairie Doggin' to see the cops break up the fight in the nose-bleed section.
by JohnnyR November 24, 2003
when youre sittin' on a cushion and u feel somethin' pushin', thats prairie doggin.

also has slang equivalent "prairie dingin'" in australia
i've been prairie dingin' all day since the buffet
by Spandau December 11, 2003
v. The phenomenon where multiple heads are observed to pop up above the partitions in a cube farm in rapid succession.
Someone farted and the whole fuckin office went prairie doggin.
by D'emon November 05, 2002
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