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Sorta like pooks, but its just like pracks man
Pooks McGee: It's just like pooks and pracks ya know man?
by Pooks McGee March 11, 2011
19 4
To have the perfect "rack" as in breasts. Preferably double D, but not like yo grandma's double D's. Also preferably on black bitches/
I got so crunk in da club dat I skeeted on that shawty's prack.
by Sarah May 29, 2004
19 9
person which can be described as very annoying, obnoxious in their habits but also somewhat arrogant, rude and narcisistic. The word is a combination of "Prick" and "brat"
Ron: Shit, dude. When Dave came over telling me how cool his record collection was and that mine was shite, and what not, I was ready to smack his ass.
Alex: Yeah, he's a prack.
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
13 10
A scrotum, a swing-bag.
This nightcap made from oriental prack-skins is warm, but was it legally imported?
by Paul January 18, 2004
4 10