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Sorta like pooks, but its just like pracks man
Pooks McGee: It's just like pooks and pracks ya know man?
by Pooks McGee March 11, 2011
To have the perfect "rack" as in breasts. Preferably double D, but not like yo grandma's double D's. Also preferably on black bitches/
I got so crunk in da club dat I skeeted on that shawty's prack.
by Sarah May 29, 2004
person which can be described as very annoying, obnoxious in their habits but also somewhat arrogant, rude and narcisistic. The word is a combination of "Prick" and "brat"
Ron: Shit, dude. When Dave came over telling me how cool his record collection was and that mine was shite, and what not, I was ready to smack his ass.
Alex: Yeah, he's a prack.
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
A scrotum, a swing-bag.
This nightcap made from oriental prack-skins is warm, but was it legally imported?
by lee harvey shmoswald January 18, 2004
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