A person of Goan descent who frequently enjoys the viewing of indian pornography, and when accused of such things vehemently denies it passing it ouf as bollywood flicks.
"Ooh wee check out those dvds on the shelf, I reckon he is doing the Prachi and watching indian porn"
by Mary_ September 15, 2006
Top Definition
A person commonly exhibiting a fun and peachy personality. Because they're such an awesomely influential person, they undoubtedly make a good lawyer. These people are driven by the ecstacy of life philosophy. This term has become more widespread amongst the teenage population.
She is a Prachi, as she does her English homework early in the morning because of her drive to better her liife as a whole.
by J. Banana May 22, 2009
a person who is usually the life of the party, especially when drunk. this person lets out all they have to say when they are intoxicated and it is very fun to be with them;
She was totally a prachi at the party last saturday.

He is always a prachi at parties.
by jamesmu June 11, 2009
An exotic beauty...with an amazing personality...this girl is very smart, and very humble... she is kind and caring... everyone loves her
guy1: who is she
guy2: she is prachi, you have no chance with her, she is to exotic for you
by ToGucciForYou January 21, 2015
A person with a beautiful smile and amazing lips. This person loves nature and enjoying her time with those around her.
Prachi loves those trees over there
by lmaooooooooooooooooooooo October 15, 2015

Someone who leads people on. Someone who doesn't care about others. Someone who is extremely insensitive and a slut.
ex) prachi broke my heart
by alexfuckingrider October 06, 2007
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