The armpit of the state of Vermont. The people here are not friendly and don't take kindly to your kind, all while deeply protecting their ways of incest, spitting contests and complaining about how rocky their fields are. The only thing good ever to happen to this town is the former Green Mountain Race track, now nothing more then a decaying woodpile along route 7 that gives shelter to homeless people, druggies and the occasional lunatic who believes that he is Abraham Lincoln. Pownal does have one up side, it makes people from Bennington feel better about them selves.
Person 1: wow look at all the raging suck!
Person 2: welcome to Pownal, Vermont bro!
by Steve802 November 19, 2008
Top Definition
not the worst place in Vermont but not the best either...its kinda like one of those so-so towns. Pownal Vermont has been viewed as the "Hillbillyville" of the 802...but really what place in Vermont doesnt have hillbillies, cows, rednecks, mud, green mountains, and snow?! One upside is no matter what season it is, people always have fun...snowmobiling over frozen lakes, snowboarding off roofs, diving off cliffs into freezing water, fourwheeling till you're caked in mud, and drinkin beer no matter what time of day it is...
Bill: "Why do you like Pownal, Vermont so much?"
Tom: "Lived there my whole life."
Bill: "Seems like a pretty shitty place to live."
Tom: "Nahhh, you get use to the manure smell after a while..."
by 802daisyduke February 04, 2011
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