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holding up your pee and make it explode when you finally decide to get of your lazy ass and stop staring at your screen like a lollingtonbear. peeing while in a hurry.
simmular to powershit.
madmax powerpees
Happy and Dajj powerpee
by MCDonaldsgun November 16, 2007
Urination after holding it for too long. Results in a thick stream that is highly pressurized.

Commonly occurs by accident as well and is highly embarrassing and mortifying.
"I need to pee so badly !"

(Starts to pee)

"Wow I'm splattering all over the place ! This is a power pee ! "
by ténti December 30, 2013
A phrase that describes what teh leetest (not really) executives must do after their three hour power lunch. It also might describe a mathematical term, such as n to the power of pee, but that's a bit more nonsensical.

It is also when you have a limited time to "relieve yourself," and you do so as quickly as possible. Usually leads to a return trip to the restroom half an hour later.
Bob just got out of his batter-powered power lunch, and really needs to take a power pee before the shit hits the fan.

Lisa was told by her teacher that she could visit the restroom, as long as she chopped down the mightiest tree in the forest with A HERRING, and took less than 5 minutes to complete that task, as well as going to the restroom and finding a nice shrubbery for the principal. Any longer, and she would be expelled. That warranted a major power pee.

nerd: Oh em gee nerdina, I just got nerdy to the power of pee! Yesss!
by Hans le Noir January 08, 2006
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