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The Power of the Pussy...This is the power that beautiful women have! When you are under control of her power you are in a trance like state and the only source of comfort is her Pussy. This power is activated after you have become one with her, and actually care very much about her. Its not just any pussy it HAS to be her, her persona..and everything else about her.. The more you are attracted to the chick the stronger the pull to the warm, piece of Heaven between her legs. This force is inescapable , and can lead men to go totally Bizerrco! He might be tempted to buy her a ring, and forsake all other chicks , then the power has manifested itself. Rulers down through the ages have lost kingdoms because of this power and it has caused many forms of violence across the planet..
Guy 1.. I cant stop thinking about her, she is using the power of the pussy on me I think Im going ask her to marry me !

Guy 2.. Dude whats wrong with you? Go to the desert and take a handfull of mushrooms or something !
by Doctor Cilantro April 01, 2010
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