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Drink equivalent to screwdrivers-orange juice and vodka; a mixture of rum and lemonade
We knocked back a couple of Power Drills and Screwdrivers and played Mario Party 3 all night long!!!
by Jugg4n4ut July 20, 2009
a mixed alcoholic drink similar to but stronger than a screwdriver; a drink containing orange juice and 190 proof Everclear or other brand of high-proof grain alcohol in place of standard 80 proof vodka.
"Damn. I had an awful day at work. Make me a screwdriver."

"No, man. What you need is a powerdrill."
by BarMan57 April 28, 2009
A man having sex with a person and inserting D batteries into anus. Thus giving body the power to drill, or power drill.
John: I lose stamina when I fuck hardcore!
Mike: Well just power drill!
by Bryon Mitchell Smego January 18, 2008
Same as the classic screwdriver, but made with Everclear (especially the 190 Proof/95% version) rather than vodka.
Oh shit man, I thought it was a screwdriver, but he put Everclear in it. Those Power Drills almost killed me.
by PBombed September 14, 2011
A cousin of the more popular screw driver, a power drill is a drink with one part unflavored vodka and one part orange flavored vodka.
Mark: Man, these screw drivers just aren't cutting it anymore, I'm trying to make some bad decisions tonight.
John: Good call. I have an excess of shitty liquor, let's make power drills instead!
by ricexzeeb November 06, 2010
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