short for the dessert pavlova
Oi u there, do u want a povo?
by Tristan <3's Jason January 02, 2008
Top Definition
A poverty striken member of society who often can be associated with "housos" and "deros". Often without or little money.

Other uses- Pov
"He's such a povo"

"dont be so pov"
by Lord Zealot March 14, 2004
short for poverty.
means that you are cheap or poor
sarah is so povo because she can't afford mcdonalds
by MELZiiE January 13, 2008
A noun used to describe someone who lives in abject or relative poverty, and cannot afford the basic requiremens in life. This can be seen through there breeding routines, as they cannot afford condoms, and therefore breed uncontrollably, with a multitude of different mates. Due to this, although they orriginated from Africa, they have now spread accross the world, inhabiting places in which they do not belong. Due to there lack of money, there diet consists mainly of poorly cooked chicken. In order to save money, it is common for a povo to dye himself black, so that they do not have to buy suncream
Example 1

Yarvin - Are you on benifits
Povo 1 - Yes
Yarvin - Fucking Povo

Example 2

Povo 2 - Give me your phone
Cuthbert - Jeeves, my shotgun

The World - Horaaay
by demba ba June 22, 2012
Police vehicle- stems from the term popo.
Damn, slow down, there's a povo behind us.
by Ben January 08, 2004
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