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1. a false past participle of pour, spoken among ill-educated ignoramuses who habitually participate in incestuous orgies.

2. a false spelling variation of porn, often spelt among Yanks who attempt to give a British façade (note the -our).
Person 1: Have you ever pourn a glass of puréed penis upon your penis?
Person 2: Pourn?! Do you prod your johnny up your sister’s cunt?

Person 1 on MSN: Lol! I am looking at pourn.
Person 2 on MSN: Pourn?! Lol! You’re a stupid Yank!
by Tbl Cyka June 22, 2009
it's mostly like the past tense of "pour" except for it's better than "poured" and should only be used with, like, a helper verb... like "had" or "have" or something. pretty much only a few people, mostly florida crackers, say it like that. wisconsinites definitely don't, and make fun of us for it.
I have pourn a lot of drinks in my life, but i've never spilt even a single one.
by Big Petowski December 08, 2005