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1. Poet that emigrates from USA an goes mad to the bone. 2. One who usually wants to emulate Walt Whitman 3. Man in a cage. 4. Nazi.
My english teacher is great: he´s a pound!
by Wilson January 28, 2004
1 10
Not a "nickel and dimer's" amount of Dank; "Chronik"; Bud or "Dozziah"
dem botches don't know shit 'bout no Timin'; MADD PROPS 2 E-Feezee
by RialB_D June 14, 2003
2 17
Some type of firearm, almost always a pistol or revolver.
50 Cent: Tres-pound in da house!
by cpio September 10, 2004
6 23
a term used to describe lower ball/breast sweat (LBS, as in short for pounds) in an innocuous fashion.
We were outside for gym today. Now I've got pounds!
by allesdoof May 25, 2010
9 29