1.) The hypothetical place where you go when you want to Pound, AKA have sex with somebody; hence POUNDtown.

often confused with a smoosh room, Poundtown is a hypothetical place, often code name for bed room

Guy: Hey baby, want to go with me to Poundtown?

Girl: No.

Guy: oh. my pride
by GoldenFlash July 03, 2011
A British Discount Store
Me- I took her to "Pound Town"
Dude- You railed her?
Me- Nah B, that new discount store that opened up
by Twitch17am January 15, 2011
Getting fucked, fucking or being the fucker
Brothel example:
I'm getting no sex from my girlfriend. Fuck her, I'm going to Pound Town

Ex-wife example:
Mate 1: The bitch took the kids, car, boat and house
Mate 2: Sounds like you got taken to Pound Town

Date Example:
Girl: So where are we going tonight
Boy: I'm taking you to Pound Town, next stop Brown Town
Girl: Where the fuck is Brown Town ?
Boy: That's when I take your ass to Pound Town !!!
by Krust Down September 25, 2013
The City of Chicago
My car got towed again.......fuckin' pound town.

Q: What happens if you don't pay a Chicago parking ticket?
A: Well you'll be taken to pound town, and not in a good way.

Officer: Please step out of the vehicle
Driver: Why?
Officer: So I can take it to pound town

My you look depressed, what's wrong?
I had to walk home from pound town.

Q: Where is all your money?
A: With my car, in pound town.
by VIP-Z November 04, 2011
a place where you're fucking, trying to fuck, or fucked a hoe.
I got over the party so I found the sluttiest girl there, left, and took her to pound town.
by Holden1502 March 24, 2011
The act of pounding an alcoholic beverage before entering an area that doesn't allow outside food or drink.
Welcome to Pound Town bitches!

I don't think I can handle another day in Pound Town.

Oh shit were in Pound Town.
by Jim Jack Joe Johnson April 30, 2012
Commonly used when friends are about to chug the rest of whatever they may be drinking at the time. Pound-town is a two step process. Step 1: everyone touches cups together (CHEERS!). Step 2: Everyone pounds the rest of their drink, resulting in a pound-town.
Cody: Alright guys lets pound-town!! (cheers, followed by a chug and an occasional disgusted face)
by The Original Smooth August 03, 2011
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