Is a fictitious place which represents an act known as sexual intercourse. This term is to be used with subtlety is necessarily. "Pound Town" is not to be used in vulgar manner. It is to be used as a polite synonym to replace other vulgar synonyms for pro creation.

Also, when one visits pound town, he or she must note his or her "PPM". PPM represents "pounds per minute". So, when person discusses pound town, he or she must make mention of his or her PPM during his or her stay in pound town.

To find your PPM, simple count the number of "pounds" or "slams" per 10 second interval and then multiply by 6 to have your average PPM!

BACKGROUND: "Pound Down" originated in 2007 in a small town in Maryland. The term came about after "the girls" hung out and started sharing stories. It is important not to use the term without giving thanks to "the girls" in Maryland.
PETTY: "So, Ross, What did you do last night?"

ROSS: " well Petty, I went out with a girl, went for ice cream and then I took her to pound town."

PETTY: "nice, what was your ppm?"

ROSS: " Well, I started out slow at around 30 ppm for a few minutes and then ramped it up to about 60 ppm for about 2 minutes"
by The ross-miester March 24, 2009
Top Definition
n. A fictional destination that is visited every time rough sex is had.
1. "What'd you and ________(unimportant girl's name)do last night?"
"Oh, we went to dinner and took a trip through Pound Town."

2. "Man I would love to take that girl to Pound Town"
by The Twelve Inch Pianist July 10, 2005
The place where one takes a woman when he is looking for sexual pleasure, as quickly as possible, with no thoughts of being tender, caring, gentle, etc...
"Hey, you look rather well rested. I thought you took that girl home last night."
"Yeah, but I took her to poundtown, so my sleep was not compromised the least bit."
by JeffreyStacey July 11, 2006
The act of having sex aggressively with female.
Man my dick was sore this morning I took that bitch to pound town last night.
by heyhayhey March 18, 2010
The act of sexual intercourse often containing quick, powerful thrust from the male. Taking someone to poundtown often results in extended periods of time where slapping and clapping noises can be heard.
"I really like this girl. I wanna take her to places shes never been and places shes never seen. Tonight i take her to poundtown!"

Girl 1: "Let me guess, he was a minute man!"
Girl 2: "Minute man??? Far from it! Girl last night he took me to poundtown!"
by Bfrank December 08, 2008
The "place" one goes to engage in sexual intercourse without any formalities such as kissing, foreplay or even careful removal of clothing.
"Why does that guy look so mad?"
"Because last night, Bruce took his sister to pound-town."
by kdodge April 27, 2008
Fucking a girl really hard.
I took that chick I picked up last night to Poundtown.
by DFNC October 22, 2007


1. a place, such as your apartment or bedroom, where you take girls to have wild, rough sex with them.

2. every normal person’s heaven on earth.


a. never under ANY circumstances does the pilot (male) take it easy on a passenger (lucky slut) who's visiting "Pound Town."

b. female's who dare to visit "Pound Town" are doing so at their own risk.

c. in most cases, the passengers are simply drunken sluts or swamp donkeys, looking to take one-night visit to "Pound Town."


a. the majority of the travelers often face mild side effects such as a sore vagina, sore butt, rug burn and or stomach ache.

b. females who visit Pound Town may require a wheel chair on their trip back home.

c. rare, but serious side effects include a broken back and paralysis.

Additional Information

a. according to a recent study, 97% of passengers admitted to traveling to Pound Town only for the sole purpose of receiving an orgasm.

b. the other 3% of passengers claim they do not remember their trip.
1. Team "Fuck N' Such" took those drunk sluts to Pound Town last night! They were screaming and a creaming!

2. Nasty Nate gave that girl a first class ticket to Pound Town!

3. Mike: Dude, that chick want your dick so bad.

Nate: Okay bro, I'm about to take this bitch to POUND TOWN!!

4. Aaron: I ripped her clothes off and told her to fasten her seat belt. You've got yourself a one-way ticket to POUND TOWN!
by NateTheGreat2 February 15, 2011

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