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This stage of sex is above what is commonly known as "rough sex". This type of sex involves a repeated explosive trusts into a woman's vagina, with your penis or any object for that matter. While you are "pounding hole" the woman may scream, moan, cry, bleed, shit, piss, pull a hammy, slip a disk in her back, become pregnant, have difficulty walking the next day, go blind, beg for mercy, being to prey, and in more severe cases, die.
Last night we heard Butter's pounding some major hole.
Cameron doesn't pound much hole these days.
Kyle pounds hole for a living
Steve doesn't pound hole, he makes love.
Joe is a virgin, he doesn't know nothing about pounding hole.
Man, in JR's younger day's he pounding hole twice a day 8 days a week, he's a real pimp.
Zak pounds some really strange hole.
Barney is a dangerous hole pounder.
by 105D =) May 26, 2009
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vagina twat pussy women slam hole cunt vag a womens/girls vagina
throw it in her pound hole DAN!!!
by SiCkWiTeMs January 29, 2008

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