pouche is a sophisticated word for twat or cooter. Created accidentally, pouche rolls off the tongue and is fun to say!! Have fun pouches!!
Cassie is a f!@#in' pouche!!!
by --Meghan June 14, 2007
Top Definition
A prick/douche hybrid. A term reserved for those individuals who so utterly and frequently piss you off that simply applying the "prick/douche" label is not enough.

Most commonly directed towards, but not exclusive to, males.

Jorge: Man, Phillip, I can't believe you jizzed on my face after I passed out last night.

Phillip: What a fuckin' pouche.

Jorge: Man, you just called yourself a pouche.

Phillip: Fuck, man, I guess I really am a pouche.

by feceslov3r February 11, 2009
Anyone who, without reservation and with a supercilious air, thinks it acceptable to not only fish the delicious solid bits of a soup (meant to serve a group of people) from its liquid, but also to do so while holding up, and thereby inconveniencing, the other individuals in the queue.
Boy: "I have time to write this urban DICTIONARY entry, because the pouche making love to the pot of yankee bean has stalled the whole f'ng lunch service."
by dac0811 March 26, 2010
The outer rim of a nipple

A very smart man named Ryan McHugh invented this word back in the late 1800's it has been used ever since and will never die.
Oh baby lick my pouche!
by Ryan September 28, 2004
Someone who is a Pussy but also a douche.
Garrett won't talk to that girl but he thinks he's hot shit, he is such a pouche.
by accordingtoyou July 09, 2016
When you are so deep under the influence that Pouche is the only thing you could manage to call somebody
"Yeah, that's really funny ya pouche!"

"Dude, who are you talking to?"
by YungKrysto May 08, 2016
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