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Describing somebody who is poor. Additionally, it can be used to describe anything that is poverty-stricken.
1) Look at that guy's jacket, he's totaly pots and pans
2) She broke up with him because she could not take his pots and pans lifestyle
3) Damn nigga it's pots and pans up in this bitch!
by Snarkysnark January 11, 2008
A phrase used in place of other older sayings like "shit happens" or "who knows". Meaning of the phrase can change depending on the context it is used in.
Person 1: My mom just died
Person 2: Pots and pans man
by tummysticks10 September 27, 2010
A nickname for marijuana or marijuana-related substances.
"Let's get some dank pots and pans"
by space your face July 24, 2008
Basically sexual favors exchanged by roommates who aren't a couple.
Sure, I'll wash your pots and pans.
by Sackackack June 04, 2010
Basically just drugs.
"Hey man I found pots and pans in your draw, what are you thinking!"
by rarespecies July 24, 2009
1. A guy who hooks up with a ton of hot chicks.
2. A guy who is dank.
No Way. That bro has hooked up with every hot girl at this party. He is totally pots and pans.
by Potsandpans8888 December 08, 2008