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It's an unknown martini that can contain anything that can get you drunk, Get you high, Kill you, Or all the above.
Better freebase some more potion, Get the petrol.
by El Vato Montana August 26, 2006
Used in context, a slang term for having sex with a girl who is feeling unwell.
"My girlfriend is feeling unwell so I'm going to slip her a potion"
by Mister Back December 16, 2011
An over-priced beauty concoction that promises to do wonders for one's complexion, wrinkles, etc.
After I went to the spa and had multiple potions applied to my face, I looked 10 times younger.
by mouchoux September 25, 2010
A magical drink of sort, its often used in faerie tales to do magical stuff. As shrink your body, turn your self into a fish e.t.c.
Yo i should have drunk that potion, now ill stay a geek forever.
by your dyde September 15, 2003
A very common item found in multiple Final Fantasy games. Most of the time, it restores 100 HP. It won't take much playing of any Final Fantasy game before you realize this item is a piece of crap.
Most likely the first item in your inventory to reach 99.
by Angelo November 06, 2004
awesome; sweet; too cool
"Yo man I got into Yale"
"Oh shit man, that's potion"
by carly December 09, 2004
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