In the simplest terms, the use of the phrase "potato salad" is intercourse, usually between a man and a woman. The man contributes the potato, and the woman contributes the salad. In the case of two women wishing to participate in potato salad, it is known as "Jenny Craig" potato salad. If two men wish to have potato salad, it is usually referred to as "figure skating."
Mike: Do you like potato salad?
Nicole: Yes.

Matt: Do you want to go figure skating with me?
Jose: Sure, my blades are nice and sharp, they will slide easily.
by annecwa June 17, 2007
When a group of people have an orgy in a room and take a group poop and bask "hangout"in it.
lets go have a potato salad, its catchy.
by Nuzz and Adio July 05, 2007
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