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Any sort of device that looks like a cannon and is generally designed to shoot potatos at a high velocity using household products as propellent. Also known as spud gun and potato launcher.
Using these lengths of PVC pipe, I intend to constuct a brand new potato cannon that will surely attract every twelve-year-old in the nieghborhood.
by Kurt Padilla July 12, 2004
18 18
About 20 dollars of PVC and a grill ignitor put together to launch a potato at high speeds in excess of 300 feet. Sounds like a gunshot. Typicly made by bored, immature teenagers, but is incredibly fun to create/play with. If you shoot a potato it'll scare the shit out of everyone within 500 feet of you.
Last friday night some nerdy freshmen made a potato cannon and shot my front door. I then went outside and ran them over in my ford bronco.
by ThE GaMe!!! July 16, 2009
50 1
The plural form of potato cannon.
"Look at how many potato cannons I've built!"
by KP July 14, 2004
10 2