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What potatoes do
Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.
by Cassie... December 21, 2011
117 30
1. n. - The act of being a potato.
2. adj. - Being similar to a potato
1. Potatoes will potate underneath the sun.

2. John just sat there being potate, watching television all day.
by elofan January 20, 2011
100 53
–verb (used without object), -tat·ed, -tat·ing
1. the action of doing nothing;
2. like vegetate ... but more starchy.
3. What couch potatoes do.
I'm gonna just sit back and potate.

I've been potating all day, I really should go do something productive.

In lieu of getting more exercise, rosie o'donnell potated her way to obesity

At the end of a long day, I like to come home and potate the night away
by LocoPolloEnFuego June 24, 2011
49 24
The growing of a potato, or act like a growing potato
Dude are you going to sit on the lounge and potate all day?
by Anon_mous. August 08, 2011
11 32

1. partial rotation
2. imbue with power
1. Bob potated the pizza to reach a larger slice.
2. Acquiring a weapon potated Jill.
by anonymous January 25, 2003
15 44
Alternate plural form of potato.
I can't wait to have some mashed potate!
by Yomoneyboat August 29, 2007
18 51
Prostate and a potato mixced in one. The word is based in Roman latin defined for the first time on record in 30004562 BC.
You can use this word for everything.
Your potate is showing!!
I am a potate.
Sweet potate
by Potate April 25, 2006
13 53