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A drug sniffing dog, commonly used for finding drugs in school lockers.
Dan: I heard the pot dogs are coming to our school today! I hope they don't find the weed in my locker.

Jim: You're screwed! Haha
by Hot as ice! April 21, 2010
The use of a hotdog for a pipe when smoking reefer. Preferably a cheese filled hotdog.
I really want to get high, but all I got is this hotdog.
Yo, let's potdog that piece.
by Lrzewnicki August 29, 2009
rhyming slang in uk , a coon , nigger ,blackie ,or "wog" hence "pot dog". to be used when said dark skinned person is within earshot , so as not to cause offence or a possible altercation involving bloodshed.
fuck me! look at the afro on that fuckin pot dog!!!
by groovywordbender May 29, 2010
a hot dog bun with weed spread around where the frank would be
"Dude, I'm so high right now... lets make some pot dogs."
"What are pot dogs?"
"ok i'll show u."
by Bo C. May 10, 2007
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