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A farm where they raise humor and other types of funnaries. People can go there and voice thier opinion, but only if your opinion is that of everyone else on postfarm.
Al Gore invented the internet.
Postfarm invented Al Gore.
#al gore #pavell #lishen #farmsex #asco
by Cole Corbett September 14, 2007
(noun) On forums, any topic in which people post for the sake of increasing their post count, post farms often go unnoticed as people will post something which looks like they have something to say on the subject even though they are saying the same thing as everyone else.
Person 1: Have you seen the latest quiz topic?

Person 2: You know those are all just post farms right?

Person 1: So? who cares the mods don't do anything about them.
#post farmer #post farming #forum #posts #mods
by Terabyte324 July 02, 2009
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