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A dead cat that used to be Jimmy's pet. But now Jimmy wants a dog.
Dad- Son, I have some bad news
Jimmy- What is it Dad?
Dad- It's about your cat, Poster
Jimmy- Poster Nutbag ??
Dad- Yes
Jimmy- What is it Dad?

Dad- ...Your cat DIIIIIIEEEEEEEDD !!!
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
Fictious character created by Trey Anastasio in the Jam Band Phish.
Poster Nutbag, the evil cat, stared down Harpua. . .AND THE COMET SLAMS INTO JUPITER. . .(crowd goes wild)
by Barbara Donelan May 14, 2004
Jimmy's Cat from Phish's song "Harpua"
who's been hit by a comet, sucked into the depths of Hell by the vibration of death, killed by Harpua the most evil & ugly dog in the universe, and... Oh look, the storm's gone!
If I ever have a cat I'd like to name him Poster Nut Bag as a tribute to Phish
by Supermmx October 01, 2004
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