A sub-genre of music stemming from rap music. What defines this genre is the lyrics. Rap was all about struggling in the ghetto and slums and being oppressed by the man and being an "MC", being able to spit a rap at anytime, things like that. Post-Rap is what we hear today (2011), its lyrics are about pussy, and money and sex, things of that nature, and no one is an MC in Post-Rap.
Rap (80s-90s): Tapac, The Notorious B.I.G., MC Shan, Ice Cube, Eminem, Jay-Z

Post-Rap (00s - present): Lil` Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West
by huntrguy102 November 30, 2011
Top Definition
Umbrella term for rap music which incorporates elements of post-punk, post-rock, industrial vibes into hiphop. Traditional flow and rhyming schemes are often overlooked or completely dispensed with, vocals often take form of noise; intentional disharmony is not uncommon. Sometimes music is altogether absent, and vocals go acapella in the form of slam poetry. Psychedelic sounds, electro funk music with minimalist/repititve lyrics are often included. Post-rap may be used for many different sounds, each of which could lead and branch out to different genres over time but they're all experimental, avant-garde and politically aware in nature, deeply rooted in underground/alternative hiphop scene. Artists/groups known to have post-rap works in their agenda include Death Grips, Hed PE, The Uncluded, Panik, Billy Woods, Everlast, Eyedea, Sage Francis, Saul Williams, Jneiro Jarel, Buck 65
Pink Floyd fan: I don't like rap. It's like... misogynistic, immature and artistically not appealing. Consider Eminem... Yeah a few alright songs but so straightforward and personal lyrics that it is not even art. Do you know Gilmour and Syd rejected many of Roger Waters' ideas because they were too personal to be considered art?

Hihop head: Let me put this on.

Pink Floyd fan: Okay... Hmm... Not a self-tuned beat? Nice riff there. Vocal doesn't sound boring... Whoa!!! What a metaphor! Wait, what did he say? I'm confused...

Hiphop head: Yeah. I call this post-rap.
by urmenior November 14, 2013
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