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Post beach vacation depression-

The feeling that is provoked after a relaxing vacation at the beach.

Symptoms include:

Sand in your crack, lost toll booth tickets, missing annoying family members(ok then you know you've lost it), memory loss, yelling at your favorite sister, hateful blogging, fighting with spouses or boyfriends, empty feeling from vomiting or not being able to eat cause you are so hung over, not enjoying your children, aches and pains associated with dancing and falling asleep in some strange place, alcohol withdrawl, grass stains of unknown origin on your clothing, receiving nasty grams from people who are hatin', uncontrollable crying, being broke, unable to find your way back to the state you came from, failing exams and having to use the term...

"What happens at the beach, stays at the beach."

Litte sister- I have been crying all day and I can't concentrate on studying for my final exam...

Big sister- Oh My God! I have been crying all day too! You know what we have? We have Post beach vacation depression!
by KC, MFD & Big Sister T August 02, 2007
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