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When your drunk ass decides it's a good idea to stumble home from the bars in the middle of the scorching summer night but still makes a conscious effort to shower off before passing out in your clean sheets that you just washed, in hopes of scoring that night. This usually entails ripping off the shower curtain while collapsing into the tub, turning on the shower to its coldest setting, and just laying on your back making silly gasping noises for hours or until you start to shiver.
Bro, that Amy chick was just not havin it tonight. She said she was tired so I told her to just come back and take a lap nap but she said no. After that, I just hiked back home but man, that sweltergeist had me feening for a post bar shower. I ripped off my sweaty jeans and woke up at 4am in my tub feeling like a cold wet noodle.
by B1GNOLZ June 09, 2014
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