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someone who posts on every thread out of boredom or as an attempt to feel a sense of belonging.
The nerd posted 1000 messages a day to the forum. The nerd was a true post whore.
by decepticon September 29, 2003
1. Chris (i.e. RandomizeR)
2. Someone who copies and pastes information to gain post count.
3. Someone who needs a life and spends too much time on forums.
4. Spends so much time on said forums they end up filling the recent post bar with their name.
RandomizeR and GuywithHat, but mostly RandomizeR

RandomizeR posted usuless nonscense in every thread. He must be a post whore.
by Not France July 31, 2006
Post Whore was originally created by 2TUM. It was originally a term to describe a person who posted quickly and in many threads of a Message Board. In most cases, the post whore had a high-speed internet access and could post more often before posters of the dial-up speed because of their long wait for pages to load up.

Post whore is now associated with someone who posts mindless posts on a Message Board, barely adding anything to the conversation if even that. Most cases, it's a short one sentence post or even just a single emoticon.
Quit spamming the boards, you post whore!
by Tom Toner February 03, 2004
One who spends countless hours posting mindeless drivel and BBS' and message boards. Their posts usually contain 1 word or an emoticon.

Also known as whoring and 6ing.

Notable post whores include Goochunks, 6, Warning and Toledo.
6 quite being a post whore.
by Blake June 08, 2003
1. A post whore is somebody who posts a lot on a message board.
It doesn't necessarily mean that their posts are pointless or unimportant - it just means that they're probably bored or have a lot to say.

2. Someone who whores threads. Evidently making the thread about themselves.
1. Miss. M posted 1,000 posts today. What a post whore!

2. Mr. A posted 30 posts in the 'Music' thread and only commented on how shit his day was. What a stupid post whore!
by Lady Bamelot February 26, 2006
a person who spends alot of time posting on a message board so much thier name is all over it
by mike ock April 15, 2003
one who has sex with posts. lots of posts

that guy is a post whore for sexing those posts.
by bigmtdewdrinker August 01, 2006