a member of a Forum, or chat board that adds messages just to increase post count with no consideration of the topic thread.
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Member response: I cant read. Im just a Post Whore and want to get my name in print.
by Yamamama01 February 25, 2009
A post whore is someone who types thousands of messages on an online forum, mostly with little or no meaning. These people post at least 50 times a day, mostly consisting of one word posts or emoticons.
Wow, rc10gttb now has 2000000000000000000000000 posts. He's a total post whore.
by nrm108024 December 18, 2006
One who posts stupid shit just to be making posts. The Postwhore has no real purpose in posting except to piss people off and look like an idiot. Aka. Brondozzz
Post a single (.) in order to boost your posts
by Jesus_1 August 18, 2005
To be a postwhore, post frequently and mindlessly on postwhoring dot net (also known as PW). Postwhores think they're hilarious and perv on everything. If that sounds like you, then you're probably a postwhore.
"Why are you being such a creepy lurker? Are you fapping? You are, aren't you. Well jeez dude, a true postwhore would make a thread about it."
by Postwhore September 07, 2013
Making Meaningless posts, one who thinks 'posting' is a cool thing
ElChupoCabre thinks he lives in the Post Whore House
by Darkstarprojects October 24, 2008
A Rank-Obsessed jackass. Someone who loves the posts, and especially if they give him some kind of ranking or reward.
Leegamer, on the U.S Military forum.
by Leegamer May 12, 2005
Someone who posts large quantities of posts that usually do not have much meaning. Could be to feel that they have some sort of authority, have no real life besides the message board, or get some special recognition for it. It also could be all three of those or many more reasons.
Mistress of Light on Deathrock.com is a postwhore. She believes in quantity not quality and makes it a point to post on every thread in existance on the board it seems.
by NotTorreyPine October 03, 2006

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