n. the feelings of loss at the close of the Olympic Games and not having regular television viewing lined up

abbr. POD
I sat on my couch staring at the tv, half-hoping that USA would pull through and beat Canada at hockey. I have Post Olympic Depression.
by ukilledthecat February 28, 2010
Top Definition
The feeling of sadness, melancholy, and despair after the Olympics are over. Sometimes resulting with laying around all day moping in your house, or watching video highlights of the Olympics to cheer yourself up.
Dude: I'm gonna be so bummed after the closing ceremonies, watching the last 50k cross country ski race broke my little heart.

Brah: Yeah, I am definitely going to experience post Olympic depression when they are over. I will probably sulk and and mope for a week. Maybe I'll watch some curling highlights to brighten my mood.....
by Timothy Peebody February 28, 2010
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