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The state of mind that comes to a male instantly after orgasm and ejaculation from sex or masturbation. This can be at various levels from the male wanting to sleep or go check his email or watch TV. In the moments following cumming, a male starts to think about more important issues and priorities than getting laid (as having already accomplished getting sex and having orgasm).
That morning, as soon as he had cum, in a flash, he jumped to his feet showered and was dressed and zipped out the door - realizing he had more important things to do after getting the urge out of his system albeit for a short time.

But later that evening his Post Cum Clarity had dissipated and was over for another round.
#male #men #cum #cumming #orgasm
by L Madsen February 12, 2006
After a pitful wank to pass the time, the wanker finds himself overcome with utter clarity with the world around him. Having just sprayed his wild oats all over the inside of his uderwear his judgement is no longer clouded by the need for sexual arousel, and thus he sees the world as it actually is.
Einstien worked out E=Mc squared in a haze of post-cum clarity
#wank #jizz #after #come #clarty
by Fank Garrett August 09, 2011
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