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Describes someone who frequently spills liquids and takes a while to clean up. May still be in shock of the Oil Spill of 2010 caused by idiotic company British Petroleum, commonly referred to as BP.

The victim's personality dose not determine any factors. Only weather or not the person has

A. Heard of the oil spill

B. Cares at least a little bit

C. Has seen the aftermath

D. Dislikes BP in some form

People affected not only just leak fluids into larger water areas such as bathtubs, swimming pools, lakes; and in some cases; puddles, but also could leak onto anything, anywhere, at anytime. Girls currently experiencing their period are not affected because PMS, or Pre Menstral Syndrome cancels it out.
Girl #1: Carrying a mug full of soda: Hello everyone! I'm here with my... *drops soda*

Boy #1: Oh No! My parents are going to fuck me up!

Girl #1: It's OK! I'll get the vacuum!

Girl #2: Doesn't she know vacuums don't clean up spills?

Boy #1: She must be suffering from Post BP Syndrome

Boy #2: Oh, poor girl, at least it's not oil, or at water

Girl #3: She must be fidgeting for the animals!

Girl #1: Ok! I think this seemingly stain removing spray will work instead

*sprays all over carpet, a second later, it turns in to hair


Boy #3: If only BP were as kind-hearted as her
by ihateurmom July 03, 2010
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