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A "Possibility Advocate" is an impartial servant of the people, a servant of the dreamer. They help humanity to transcend limitations both internally, and externally. They defend and encourage their own dreams, as well as the dreams, hopes, and aspirations of their family, friends, strangers, and humanity. Possibility Advocate uncover reasons why success is possible; why our ideas will work, and succeed, rather than why they will not. Rather than play the role of the Devil's Advocate, they Advocate Possibility, Hope & Encourage Bold Action.

Are you willing to be a Possibility Advocate?
If it were not for the support and encouragement of the Possibility Advocates in my life, I would have never had the courage to follow my heart and fulfill my lifelong dream of writing my first novel. From this day forward, I too will assume the role of a Possibility Advocate whenever my friends and family members come to me with ideas of their own.
by Timek February 07, 2010
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