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A Girl who shops at rue 21 who buys shirts that say give peas a chance or flashes hippie signs who doesnt do drugs or know who any people in the hippie movement are.
Look At that retard she buys gay jelly braclets and hippie t shirts...Wow what a Poser Hippie
by ur moms dads step dads testees August 22, 2009
Somebody who:
-wasnt even born the 60's but thinks it was the good ol' days
-randomly flash peace signs to people
-goes barefoot or wears stinky old birkenstocks
-wears john lennon glasses
-myspace page is covered with bob marley quotes/pictures
-says they shops at thrift stores but dont
-1960's band bumper sticks
-claims to be fans of Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix,The Beatles but only like the radio hits
-trys very hard to have ratty unbrushed hair
-owns 100 pairs of pre-ripped jeans
-Belives weed is the meaning of life
-doesnt know that The word hippie derives from hipster
-posts 20 diffrent pictures on myspace smoking or holding a bong
Walter: "Why are you barefoot?"
Matt: "beacuse shoes were created by the man, the man is trying to take over our minds by controling our footwear, man!!"
*walks away stinking of weed and BO*

Walter "that dude is such a poser hippie"
by Traeh789 July 10, 2008