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Cousin to the Farmers Tan, The Portuguese Tuxedo is obtained by working long days in the sun landscaping.

While the Farmers Tan only tans the face neck and half way up the arm due to the shirt of choice being a T-Shirt. The Portuguese Tuxedo goes the extra mile and tans the face, neck and the entire arm as the shirt of choice here is a tank top.

This is a noble and proud look for the Portuguese Male however, it is not well worn by average White Male.
Guy1: You know how I can tell that it is summertime.
Guy 2: How?
Guy1: All the landscapers getting out of that Portuguese Limousine have their Portuguese Tuxedos on.

Guy 1: Someone should tell that guy to put his shirt on while he swims.
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: His Portuguese Tuxedo is upsetting the children. Doesn't he know this is a family BBQ.
by CMAK! August 09, 2010

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