A sexual maneuver performed by two subjects. The first subject places themselves on the bed with face, hands, and knees down, and buttocks high in the air. The second subject places cocaine on the sphincter of the first subject. The first subject then attempts to fart while the second subject is inhaling the aforementioned cocaine.
So it cost $20 more for the hooker to agree to the portuguese snowblower. I don't know what she had for breakfast, but it didn't mix well with the blow.
by eatdirtfartdust January 15, 2009
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A Portuguese Snowblower is a brush of soft bristles used to remove sand from one's feet at the beach.
My towel was far away from the water, by the time I got to it my feet were covered in so much sand that I had to use my Portuguese Snowblower.
by SG5 August 27, 2016
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