A small country on the western most part of Europe. The portuguese men suffer from small-country-syndrome A.K.A. small-pecker-syndrome. All they know how to talk about is soccer although they play with no shoes.
Portugal suffers from small-country-syndrome.
by VinLova January 22, 2008
Also known as the gay region of Spain
"Dude we been driving hours to see this lab. Are you sure we are even in Spain?"

"Nah man, we crossed into the gay region two hours ago, we're in Portugal"
by Bad Boy Vee February 22, 2009
Also known as "Spain's Taint", this lacluster mediterranian country is rarely displayed on maps, due to it's offensive shape. It's crude inhabitants, who gather food and hunt using rudimentary stone tools, shun outsiders for their glittery appearance and fancy book-learnin'. This practice has probably led to the famous portuguese saying, "It's better to shit in a hole in the ground than to be educated".
Also known for their putrid odor and terrible manners, this mysterious race of inbred hillfolk is thought to have descended from a tribe of half-retarded apes more than 35 years ago.

Fun Fact! - Did you know that Portugal's most beloved and famous citizen Chris Burke (you may remember him as "Corky" on the sitcom Life Goes On) recieved his nation's highest award for intellectual achievement in recognition of his breakthrough treatise "Why cookies are good"?
I'd rather suck a bag of dicks than go to Portugal!

by The Goddess Bunny July 17, 2008
The most disgusting country in the world.
Full of theives and slimy, scummy men.
Home to idiots that love to rob your villa's contents and take advantage of you because you are an innocent tourist on holiday. The people that live there are poor and see you as an easy target because they have nothing themselves and have never worked a day in their life. They make me want to be physically sick.
never go to portugal. the people cant be trusted.
by hails. July 27, 2006
The poorest country in Europe with a lot of "handsome" worker all over the Europe.
1.Portugal loves Spain!
by flubber May 20, 2005
A beach close to Spain. Mostly populated by a race of small people with very short legs which don't support them very well.

When they try to play games, such as football, they fall over a lot.

They cry when they get up off the floor and realise they haven't got a penalty, the ref didn't help them this time and they've lost again.
Portugal cheated against England and Holland and lost twice to Greece. They have never won a major tournament and are never likely to.
by Rui Caralho July 09, 2004
a cozy little Spanish province that's been fighting for independence ever since 1143.
Portugal? meh, it's cute, I guess.
by privvet_polz March 22, 2005

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