The most unique country EVER. Here in Portugal we've got everything: Nice tasting wine, football addicts, hot women, citizens who still have pride in their country, tasers banned in prisons, weak drug laws, a shitload of debt, incompetent politicians, lovely beaches, music festivals with crowds who just can't stop singing, city mayors who walk around in the middle of citizens like regular people, a lot of history, intelligent people, a new clone of an american TV series every Sunday, TV programming consisting mostly of soap operas and schedule filling Morning/Afternoon talk-ish shows, celebrities that actually give a fuck about their fans, a huge bunch of people who use accents instead of apostrophes in every word that ends with an "s" to pretend they know English, nice people, citizens who tolerate all crap from the government but don't do anything, and way more.

In conclusion, Portugal is an AWESOME country and you should come spend your vacations here.
Guy #1:"Hey, so shall we go to Spain this time?"

Guy #2:"Bullfighting sucks, sleeping during the day sucks, and everyone goes there. Let's go to Portugal and buy LSD at the nearest disco club while having crazy one night stands with the hottest ladies in Europe and then go sleep in a comfortable hotel where you're a client and not just a number!"
by Shottenheimer April 28, 2011
The place where I am proud to say, my very first ancestors came from. I am proud to say that my acient history is Portuguese. I first came from Portugal a long time ago. I am proud to be Portuguese! If you are Irish or Scottish, you are Ibeaian. That is why I am Portuguese. If you are Irish or Scottish, you are either Spanish, or Portuguese, or even both! So, I am going to say this to all of the Irish and Scottish people. Listen now. You are special people. you all came from Portugal and Spain and you should be proud! You are all Portuguese. And Spanish, of course. I am proud to have originated in Portugal.
Hi, I am Irish. Wow, thats cool! Did you know that that would make you Portuguese? Cool, huh! Btw, I am not making this up. I saw this on Wikipedia, and the Washington post. All the Irish and the Scotts are from Portugal. Or Spain.
by someguywhoplaysbytherules May 20, 2007
The oldest country in Europe. The european country with most hours of sunlight per annum. The least polluted country in europe. The only country in Europe to have never been conquered by another country. The country that invented globalisation. One of the richest countries in the world in terms of reserves. The biggest country in Europe if you consider maritime size. The first country to spread it's language to countries in another continent. Some actually say that spanish derived from portuguese. A country where almost all citizens can speak english. A country that rather pretend to be stupid and be smart than to pretend to be smart and actually be stupid. Portugal and England have the oldest alliance between two countries to date. A country that practically owned half of the world through the treaty of tordesillas. A country with one of the most vast and tasty culinary in the world. A country with one of the most healthiest climate on earth. A country with only 10 million people but have thrown recently to the world some of the best football players and coaches. A country that planted their own language to countries in all continents. Portugal has the best surfing wave in Europe 'Supertubos'. The country where Christopher Columbus spend all his life and studied (some believe he was actually portuguese). The country that is in the centre of the world map.
If you would like to know more about WORLD history, look up 'PORTUGAL'
by SirJoe76 July 10, 2013
A country in Europe. Some dude from spain was like FUCK THIS SHIT, and took a part of spain and made it his own country.
"Portugal is pretty kick ass eh?"

"Sure is!"
by Os Rei May 03, 2010
Spain's Foreskin
Portugal is like the Rhode Island of Europe. All it does is keep dirt out of the penis that is Spain.
by Rockefeller Jones November 29, 2010
A banana-republic kind of place.
Corruption,poverty, no light at the end of the tunnel...
Barely located in Europe...but the poor and no prospects one.
Guy 1: What? 10 new football statiums but no civilized-world health care services??
Guy 2: It's Portugal my friend.
by depro February 13, 2008
European country that seems to send half-it's population to small towns every year.

Primary exports: Men (often more cocky than they deserve to be); Women (Hot until they turn thirty, then they shink and undergo some mutating process); Chourico (tasty!).
My town is like Little Portugal.
by Firebird_one July 27, 2005

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