A banana-republic kind of place.
Corruption,poverty, no light at the end of the tunnel...
Barely located in Europe...but the poor and no prospects one.
Guy 1: What? 10 new football statiums but no civilized-world health care services??
Guy 2: It's Portugal my friend.
by depro February 13, 2008
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Best country of the World.
Unfortunately taxes are bigger than the country itself.
Still, an historical country that has a good clime, great landscapes and beaches.
Excelent for vacation.
Oh, and beautiful, beautiful women.
A peaceful place, optimal for vacation and full of darn nice ladies?
Portugal is the answer.
by striker675 May 29, 2005
portugal..often forgotten, but LADIES, you will find the BEST MEN in Portugal- charming, friendly, and seductive. Surely the only men who havent forgotten what "romance" was all about.
Besides that...portugal is the most chilled laid back country in Europe, explaining why its fall behind economically...
it has the friendliest people in all of Europe
Is a country definately worth visiting and falling in love with
Portuguese men have broken my heart one too many times...but I still love them.
But portuguese is a funny and wierd language
by brrrr February 26, 2005
Portugal; country with the most adventurer people at the history, people without fear. Country who loves the sea, people without fear. People who loves the life, People without fear.
I'm venezuelan but I'm proud of my origin parents (Madeira Island)
by Mauricio Vieira May 07, 2005
really, Portugal is a great country with awesome awesome food,wine,beaches,scenery,CULTURE, and men...... and the people portugas are so friendly
u will never have the class to understand that because ur a narrow minded asshole

manuel- thnx for sticking up for portugal =)
by Gabi - forca portugal!!! March 17, 2005
Portugal is the most beautiful contry in the world with tons of sexy men all over the place. It is known for breathing,eating, and sleeping football....it has some of the best players in Europe.
now what the f*** is ur problem? mad because ur team didnt get as far as Portugal did in the Euro? seriously shut the hell up and get a f'ing life.
by Gabi - forca portugal!!! March 17, 2005
a beautiful country with even more beautiful men. Portugal consists of the best beaches in the world, (see Algarve), the best looking men, and the most happy people in all of the world. Everyone's family lives on the same street or hill i should say. Love it. And get so excited to go every summer to see my family. Oh yah, not to mention some of the best soccer players are from this great country. VIVA PORTO!!!!!!
Maria and Carlos are both from that amazing country called Portugal. Ever been there? You should go.
by domenique April 27, 2005
Portugal is possibly the best country in Europe or the world. It's beautiful women and amazing well mannered men (lol). Our amazing soccer team which kicked in eurocup is 8th in the world.

Portugal just kicks ass
That guy is straight from Portugal

YO! That team just pulled a Portugal

Nós temos as mulhers mais bonita de mundo, e as mulhers de outra país são feias! MAS BRASIL eles são muitas bonitas lol :)
by Ryan Gomes July 07, 2005
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