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Portmanterrific is an adjective that refers to a portmanteu that is deemed particularly extraordinary. (A portmanteu is a linguistic blend of two words that defines something as being the sum of two distinct objects or ideas, i.e. a spork is one part spoon, one part fork.) A portmanterrific portmanteau typically refers to a novel portmanteau that has only recently been introduced into the cultural lexicon. Portmanteaus like "Bennifer" and "Wikipedia," although useful, are too commonplace to earn the distinction of being portmanterrific.
Tramplifying my interview outfit was a portmanterrific call.

Chillaxing is not portmanterrific.

The most portmanterrific portmanteaus likely haven't even been listed on
#portmanteau #portmanteu #portmanteurrific #portmanteaurrific #portmantubular #spork #bennifer #wikipedia
by ilikelotsastuff July 24, 2009
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