someone with a large, protuding square chin/jaw
a term most commonly used in Hull.
look at that porter! he has a massive chin!
by BUZZ(lightyear)in August 03, 2006
One who cleans or removes waste while being topless.
That porter who took my beer looked ripped.
by Albert G July 21, 2009
A name given to the janitor. Porter Industries is the janitorial service in this area.
The porters will clean that up. Don't worry about it.
by Almighty_AL May 04, 2006
An employee at a car dealership, usually relegated to the service department to wash cars or to the sales department to supervise the lot. Generally considered to be the lowliest position at an automotive dealership.
Those porters can't wash a car to save their lives.
by deloreanman14 February 12, 2007
porter means the same as twat
you are a f88king porter
by snoop doggy dog October 22, 2007
The act in which you pull ur cock out of a chicks ass and you find that it has become a bloody shitsicle
Dude i just had the worst experience with a porter last night.
The porter i got from this chick smelled funny.
by Bloodstain August 23, 2005

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