Porter, v.

The act of vomiting after a night of excessive drinking. Coined in Liverpool, UK.
Joey: So how was Javier's party last night?
Greg: Good, except that one Asian porter'd all over the place.
Philip: I think that I'm going to porter tonight.

Simone: This one time when I got so drunk, I portered all over the place and got engaged to some guy I was drinking with.
by Erasmus Boyband September 10, 2011
Walking into the bathroom, with towel on only, and deciding to only brush your teeth and wash your hands instead of a shower.
Nah, i just did a Porter
by SuMReAlShIt November 10, 2010
A beautiful, green suburb in the Northern part of Houston, Texas. Filled with forests and beautiful scenic views. Home to the amazing snow cone shop "Porter Snow Balls." Comparitively better than a pathetic suburb in California called Gardena.
Why would you live in Gardena, when you can live in Porter?

Porter whoops Gardena's butt!
by cool1234567beans October 21, 2010
A very small town. Great people.. Mostly. But that's about it. There is nothing to do. There's a park. Woo fun.. And two convenience stores that close at like 10 o'clock. Not very convenient. Has a small school, with only like 600 kids Pre-K thru 12...

Other than that, pretty sweet little town, but every town has its secrets...
Porter, Oklahoma
by xxtoxicxxchickxx October 16, 2011
A very lonely and neglected child who remains neglected throughout their adult life. Usually bullied by others about it.
Jack: What's up with that kid over there?
Rob: He's a porter.
by VictorianKid64 September 22, 2011
Porter is a term used to describe a person who is extremely into himself and his ego. A porter will often act this way due to a deep down insecurity with himself, and feels he must equal himself to others by only talking about himself. Most porters are retarded, but most of the time act very intellectual, even if what they are saying makes no sense whatsoever. A porter will most likely find one place in the world to make his name, then obsess over the place forever, and when leaving this place, will realize his flaws and immediately seek out a way to return. A porter will usually have others help him succeed, then brag about the accomplishments for the longest time. Most porters will become addicts of some sort (pain killers, cocaine, meth, etc.) in order to increase his social reputation. In most cases studied, a porter will one day realize he is very insignificant in the world and will ultimately fail in life. This day is known as "AP-Day" in a porter's life, which of course stands for "accepting pathetic-ness day". Many modern day porters have been known to use online social networks as a gateway to increase their ego by "news feed whoring", or involving himself in every post in his newsfeed, thinking he is friends with everyone. To be a porter is a sad, sad thing indeed.
Jacob: "Is that kid really bragging about how his dad got him accepted to that college?"

Jim: "Thats not even the worst part, that kid has literally been raping my news feed for the past 3 months only talking about himself!"

Jacob: "What a fuckin Porter."

Jim: "I couldn't have said it better myself."
by A.Boston.P December 13, 2010
PORTER is a large man with a big belly and a good white/grey beard. Very heavy, likely to sit on you and maybe take to enslave you. He likes military things....
P.O.R.T.E.R. is going to Belgium today.
by Raykul Walton April 04, 2004
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