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A word used to describe GLaDOS in Portal 2, where she is strapped to a potato battery, and stuck to the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.
Person 1: Dude, why do you have a potato on your portal gun?

Person 2: It's a Portato Gun! With all the powers of Portals, GLaDOS, and Potatos!
by Mistia May 19, 2011
1. A potato that has gone through the process of teleportation

2. A very very uncommon term for one's buttocks.
"Dude this potato tastes a little gamma-rayish." "Yeah it's a portato"

by MacaroniMan April 28, 2011
1. A potato that has gone thorough the process of teleportation.

2. A very very uncommon term for ones buttocks used only by people named Kameron.
1. Boy: Where the heck did my lunch go!? Girl: It must have been a portato.

2. Kameron: Son of @#$%&!!! The dog bit me in the portato!
by RedHerring1290 April 28, 2011